What is Ogopogo Publish?

Ogopogo Publish is an innovative display ad network; Publish focuses on conversion-driven advertising instead of impression-based. We build and optimize the ads displayed on your pages to ensure they are specialized to you through Offer Interests (what people are looking for), Language preferences, or Design elements - not just how often they appear. The payout is based on Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), which means that it's dependent on how engaged your audience is instead of just pushing for views.

Receive & pay commissions on a cost per acquisition basis vs. impressions or clicks.


  • Product Creator

    Each Product Seller is responsible for the customer and purchasing experience of the products they sell.

  • Ogopogo Publish

    Publish enables merchants to connect their brand with other publishers to sell there products, all in a CPA model rather than impressions.

  • Publisher

    The publisher hosts the ad assets on their site in the preferred location. Ogopogo will manage and optimize the ads shown.

A Brand to Publisher partnership like never before.

Have you ever experienced?

As a Publisher

Limited impressions/traffic equaling no money, but you have a highly engaged audience.

Empty ad space is not being utilized, thus not making money when the placement is vacant.

Display ads are shown to your audience, but does not resonate, resulting in few clicks and no money.

No control over the types of products displayed on your sites.

As a Product Creator

Difficulty finding new loyal customers from current audiences and looking for ways to increase your exposure.

Lack of diversification where your offer appears which limits your ability to acquire new customers

If so Publish may be the answer for you!

Get more potential customers

Targeted and engaged audience translates into more significant revenue for affiliates and creators based on CPA, not impressions.

Entirely managed service meaning passive income so you can focus on what you do best without worry.

Better than AdSense as its specialized ads for your audience and site (higher success rate).

Hand-pick publishers to help sell your products on various exclusive sites, all on a cost-per-acquisition basis.

Reach Potential Customer To Highly Targeted Audiences.

We work closely with the creators team to set a fair CPA. We start by requesting baseline metrics from the brand and follow a specific formula that computes a number. When calculated, this figure is an appropriate rate for each side of sale.

Ad Placements With The Flexibility. Any Size, Any Location, You Say Where

Whether you are looking to expand your reach or just want some extra revenue from your content, Ogopogo Publish is the right solution.


We're always interested and available to explore the best path for brand owners and marketing professionals. Complete the form below or find Publish on the Shopify App Store to start today!